Detail work has begun!

With most of the major systems working in an acceptable manner, I have now begun adding features to them, to make them more like what I want.  Today I have started adding more weapon types than just Sword, tomorrow I will make many skills that you can use, and after that, I’ll probably either work on art assets, or making the AI work better!

Once more weapons are in, and the weapon skill system is as I like it, I’ll probably post another screenshot!


All the feelings I have carved deep into “The World” are going into this ONE ATTACK!! – Haseo (.Hack//G.U)


The game to complete the book

At the end of this post, I will attach the game that finished off the book that I learned Unity C# scripting from, “Unity 3x Game Development Essentials”  It was surprisingly easy, and left me feeling confident that I could go ahead and make my own project.  Today’s progress on that project includes damage calculations, weapon animations, and other combat things.

Now, onto the game that will be linked at the end of the post:

Island Escape

You are stranded on a volcanic island with nothing but the clothes on your back.

You must find a way to be rescued before the volcano erupts, and it’s looking like that’ll be soon!


You can download the game here!

This is what I saw every day when I was young.  –  Lavitz (Legend of Dragoon)

Today’s progress

    I didn’t make much progress today.  Most of the day was spent planning the systems out on paper so that I could implement them.  I did manage to finish writing in most of the variables I have planned so far, and established a few functions.

    I do not feel comfortable giving out too much information about my project yet, but I did write out some functions for damage calculations between the player and the enemies.  These functions should need no further editing unless I add parts to the design that are currently not there.

     I’m still very excited to feel like I can work on the project of my dreams.  There are a few parts I don’t know yet, but half of learning to be a programmer is being good with Google.  Hopefully tomorrow I make at least as much progress as today.

Stay a while and listen – Deckard Cain