Detail work has begun!

With most of the major systems working in an acceptable manner, I have now begun adding features to them, to make them more like what I want.  Today I have started adding more weapon types than just Sword, tomorrow I will make many skills that you can use, and after that, I’ll probably either work on art assets, or making the AI work better!

Once more weapons are in, and the weapon skill system is as I like it, I’ll probably post another screenshot!


All the feelings I have carved deep into “The World” are going into this ONE ATTACK!! – Haseo (.Hack//G.U)


About me and this blog

I have been interested in gaming since I was little, and have always been a hardcore gamer.  Even when I was young, playing outside was subpar compared to playing games like Legend of Zelda, Goldeneye, and Super Mario World.

As I got older, I really desired to test games for a living, I thought what could be better than playing games all day for a living.  After watching the movie Grandma’s Boy, I realized that game testing is a horrible job, and I would not wish it on anyone.  Instead, I decided that I wanted to make games.

I had given up on the idea for a while, thinking I’d never be able to do it.  When I turned 20, I decided to try and learn to program so I could make my own games.  I started with C++, which was a trainwreck.  I was learning from a source that hadn’t been updated in over 16 years, and I couldn’t grasp a few concepts.  I completed the course, barely, but then I couldn’t figure out what to do to proceed.  After trying for a few days, I gave up.

Not long after that I discovered that using a game engine to program should be much simpler.  I got a team together to work on a project that we all thought was a great idea.  The team dissolved for multiple reasons, including the engine I was using, HeroEngine had it’s own propriety scripting language that neither I, nor veteran programmers could learn well.  Once again, I got really bothered by this, and gave up for a few months.

The desire still burned in me.  I had a game in my head that needed to be made.  I tried to learn Python, but already knowing a pretty good amount of C++ Python made very little sense to me.  Flash forward a year or so, I had the itch again.  I tried to learn Javascript, hoping it would help me transition into a more powerful language.  I completed the course, and had no problems, but, I couldn’t complete any of their challenges.  This time I didn’t give up though.  I pulled up Unity, which I had laying on my computer for quite a while, checked what they script in, and found out that it was C#, Javascript, and “Boo”.

I looked for the best place to learn C#, and found a site called Channel 9, which I can greatly recommend, the guy was very easy to learn from.  After doing most of his course, I felt I was competent enough since I had finished two other language’s courses.  I grabbed a unity book, Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials.  I completed the book, and that’s where this blog begins.

I am currently fresh out of completing the book, with a near complete understanding, and I am finally confident that I can make the game I’ve had in my head for years.  It will be a long, rough road, but I think I can do it.

The purpose of this blog is to blog my progress as I go, and the progress from the previous programming (including the book)

And with that, I welcome you to my world!

Welcome to The World. – Ovan (.hack//roots)