It’s been a few days, and there have been a few updates.

Sorry about the delay in posts, I have been visiting family for the last 3 days or so, today was the first day in quite a while I’ve gotten to work on my project.  However, there is some good news:


I added some rudimentary skills (one per weapon type).  I also added a stamina system, which depletes when sprinting, regenerates when not sprinting, and is used by attacks.  The attacks use more and more stamina with each successive swing, so after a while it is truly not worth swinging away, and you should just wait a moment so the stamina cost is reset.


I posted a collaboration post about the project, and hope to hear from some people who can take over the art, and possibly AI side of things, so I can focus more on the things that I am good at.


Detail work has begun!

With most of the major systems working in an acceptable manner, I have now begun adding features to them, to make them more like what I want.  Today I have started adding more weapon types than just Sword, tomorrow I will make many skills that you can use, and after that, I’ll probably either work on art assets, or making the AI work better!

Once more weapons are in, and the weapon skill system is as I like it, I’ll probably post another screenshot!


All the feelings I have carved deep into “The World” are going into this ONE ATTACK!! – Haseo (.Hack//G.U)