It’s been a while, with little progress

I haven’t posted anything in a while, and I apologize.  The main reason, honestly, is because I haven’t really made progress lately.  I finally made some progress today, and am going to share ANOTHER screenshot.  This progress also has some bugs, although one of them is just because I’m lacking art assets.  I hope you enjoy this little spoiler, and note, that this is all just temporary for the development, and will be much more pretty and fleshed out later!  One of the bugs as fixed as soon as I took the screenshot and thus noticed it (current hp going over max hp).  That was due to my calculation for my regen being “If current hp + 10 is less than or equal to max hp, then add 1/10 of max hp to current hp”  I forgot to change the +10 when I changed it to one tenth.


To sum up the changes:  I have revamped the inventory system to be prettier, and more scalable.  I know you can’t really tell from the screenshot, but it will be!

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Finally got the inventory UI in!

I finally got the inventory UI in, and it looks pretty good!   I’ve still got some customization to do, like fixing the name going off the screen, scaling it to have more than 5 of each type.  I also added a health bar that works.  I’m not satisfied with it yet, but I have to do more work to get the actual health text to appear on the bar.  I’ll also have to do a bit of work to get it to not look so…boxy.

All in all, it’s been a great day for progress!  You can see the first screenshot of this game below, but take note that it is not the final product, it is merely in a “working” state.



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Health bar (sort of)

i didn’t make a terribly large amount of progress over the weekend.  I added a health indicator, I made the inventory code a bit more efficient, I added a win message for killing all enemies in the level.  Not very much actual new stuff due to it being the weekend, and having to work on art assets still(did I mention I hate art assets?).  I have also started implementing raw stats like in your typical RPG; Strength, Vitality, Agility, etc.   Currently they work into damage / defense formulations, and you gain 3(may be changed later) attribute points to allot to any of these stats every level.

I look forward to providing everyone with a decent update soon!

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Making progress, slowly but surely!

Today I fixed the memory leak in the inventory code, as well as made it a little more efficient.  I also implemented a very simple animation for the two hand sword, whereas previously it was still even while attacking.  I’m trying to get the code to delay the damage calculation on the two hand sword so that the animation lines up with the damage properly.  The code to support armor as well as weapons has also been started now.  I am also working on creating the first map so I can deepen the testing, but I am a horrible mapper, so it will take quite some time.

Another day’s progress.

Today I have made some pretty good progress on the combat code.  I am completely satisfied with the current code as 1v1 combat, I’ll still have to scale it for more than one enemy at a time, but it works great!  Damage calculations, experience, and auto-healing while out of combat include some of the things I added today.

After I got that all done, I moved onto inventory.  I have an inventory script that I am satisfied with.  It won’t do for the final game, because it has a slight memory leak, but it works just fine for the purposes of testing.  Next I’ll probably work on adding more stats to the player with more effects, since I’m still too chicken to work on the map generation right now.

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The game to complete the book

At the end of this post, I will attach the game that finished off the book that I learned Unity C# scripting from, “Unity 3x Game Development Essentials”  It was surprisingly easy, and left me feeling confident that I could go ahead and make my own project.  Today’s progress on that project includes damage calculations, weapon animations, and other combat things.

Now, onto the game that will be linked at the end of the post:

Island Escape

You are stranded on a volcanic island with nothing but the clothes on your back.

You must find a way to be rescued before the volcano erupts, and it’s looking like that’ll be soon!


You can download the game here!

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Today’s progress

    I didn’t make much progress today.  Most of the day was spent planning the systems out on paper so that I could implement them.  I did manage to finish writing in most of the variables I have planned so far, and established a few functions.

    I do not feel comfortable giving out too much information about my project yet, but I did write out some functions for damage calculations between the player and the enemies.  These functions should need no further editing unless I add parts to the design that are currently not there.

     I’m still very excited to feel like I can work on the project of my dreams.  There are a few parts I don’t know yet, but half of learning to be a programmer is being good with Google.  Hopefully tomorrow I make at least as much progress as today.

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