A bit of insight into me, and why I chose a pre-existing engine

So, I’m going to come right out and say it;  I am horrible at math.  I can do everything up until high-school math, but that stuff just completely overwhelmed me.  As soon as the alphabet started intruding on my numbers, I was lost.

I knew that making your own game engine involved a lot of advanced math, so that was obviously out of the question.  There was another reason though; I wanted to see my project come to fruition.   I have seen many game developers who are making their own engine, and 5 or more years later their game isn’t finished, or it’s so all over the place because they kept changing the design of it over the 5 years that it’s just not what they envisioned.

So I strayed away from programming my own engine, and used a pre-existing one.  I love it, it’s so convenient, and I can see even day 1 programming coming into effect in a realistic, game releated scenario.

I plan to start another project soon, I had given up on my last one due to lack of art skills, and the fact that I was horrible at AI programming.  Look forward to seeing it within the month.


Edit:  Sorry for the delay on the new project, I’ve ran into some things that needed handled in my life, and they’re just now (as of January) getting handled.