It’s been a while, with little progress

I haven’t posted anything in a while, and I apologize.  The main reason, honestly, is because I haven’t really made progress lately.  I finally made some progress today, and am going to share ANOTHER screenshot.  This progress also has some bugs, although one of them is just because I’m lacking art assets.  I hope you enjoy this little spoiler, and note, that this is all just temporary for the development, and will be much more pretty and fleshed out later!  One of the bugs as fixed as soon as I took the screenshot and thus noticed it (current hp going over max hp).  That was due to my calculation for my regen being “If current hp + 10 is less than or equal to max hp, then add 1/10 of max hp to current hp”  I forgot to change the +10 when I changed it to one tenth.


To sum up the changes:  I have revamped the inventory system to be prettier, and more scalable.  I know you can’t really tell from the screenshot, but it will be!

If it’s not found out, a lie becomes the truth – Rowd (Suikoden II)


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