About me and this blog

I have been interested in gaming since I was little, and have always been a hardcore gamer.  Even when I was young, playing outside was subpar compared to playing games like Legend of Zelda, Goldeneye, and Super Mario World.

As I got older, I really desired to test games for a living, I thought what could be better than playing games all day for a living.  After watching the movie Grandma’s Boy, I realized that game testing is a horrible job, and I would not wish it on anyone.  Instead, I decided that I wanted to make games.

I had given up on the idea for a while, thinking I’d never be able to do it.  When I turned 20, I decided to try and learn to program so I could make my own games.  I started with C++, which was a trainwreck.  I was learning from a source that hadn’t been updated in over 16 years, and I couldn’t grasp a few concepts.  I completed the course, barely, but then I couldn’t figure out what to do to proceed.  After trying for a few days, I gave up.

Not long after that I discovered that using a game engine to program should be much simpler.  I got a team together to work on a project that we all thought was a great idea.  The team dissolved for multiple reasons, including the engine I was using, HeroEngine had it’s own propriety scripting language that neither I, nor veteran programmers could learn well.  Once again, I got really bothered by this, and gave up for a few months.

The desire still burned in me.  I had a game in my head that needed to be made.  I tried to learn Python, but already knowing a pretty good amount of C++ Python made very little sense to me.  Flash forward a year or so, I had the itch again.  I tried to learn Javascript, hoping it would help me transition into a more powerful language.  I completed the course, and had no problems, but, I couldn’t complete any of their challenges.  This time I didn’t give up though.  I pulled up Unity, which I had laying on my computer for quite a while, checked what they script in, and found out that it was C#, Javascript, and “Boo”.

I looked for the best place to learn C#, and found a site called Channel 9, which I can greatly recommend, the guy was very easy to learn from.  After doing most of his course, I felt I was competent enough since I had finished two other language’s courses.  I grabbed a unity book, Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials.  I completed the book, and that’s where this blog begins.

I am currently fresh out of completing the book, with a near complete understanding, and I am finally confident that I can make the game I’ve had in my head for years.  It will be a long, rough road, but I think I can do it.

The purpose of this blog is to blog my progress as I go, and the progress from the previous programming (including the book)

And with that, I welcome you to my world!

Welcome to The World. – Ovan (.hack//roots)


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