A preview of my (Horrible) art

Well, I said I’d be working on AI or art today, and after fooling with AI for about an hour, I decided I’d rather work on art.  Below is a sneak preview of my amazing art skills, it’s not finished, and definitely will be changed, even as the placeholder.  I figured I’d make a dagger because it’s nice a simple, and I still suck at Blender.  Enjoy!




Detail work has begun!

With most of the major systems working in an acceptable manner, I have now begun adding features to them, to make them more like what I want.  Today I have started adding more weapon types than just Sword, tomorrow I will make many skills that you can use, and after that, I’ll probably either work on art assets, or making the AI work better!

Once more weapons are in, and the weapon skill system is as I like it, I’ll probably post another screenshot!


All the feelings I have carved deep into “The World” are going into this ONE ATTACK!! – Haseo (.Hack//G.U)

Update on progress

I have been working my butt off trying to get this AI working right.  I have it implemented, and it’s semi-functional.  I have also started trying to work with Blender, because I will have no one to help me with art assets.  After using Blender for the last two days,  I really have to wonder why they don’t make modeling programs more user-friendly.  I spent the entire first day just learning how to create a basic box, texture it, and export it into Unity properly.  At least I can make very very basic art assets for my game now, so that makes it easier to do level design and such.

An update on the UI end.

Once again, not much has been done.  Honestly, I’ve been enjoying actually playing some games for the last few days, but, I do have some progress to report.  The first is, I finally made it so that the inventory can hold as much as you want.  No more 8th item being cut off.  Secondly I added consumable item functionality, for things like potions.  Now that most of the base systems are in, I may work on AI systems next.

A screenshot, although it looks mostly the same, notice the scrollbar!



It’s been a while, with little progress

I haven’t posted anything in a while, and I apologize.  The main reason, honestly, is because I haven’t really made progress lately.  I finally made some progress today, and am going to share ANOTHER screenshot.  This progress also has some bugs, although one of them is just because I’m lacking art assets.  I hope you enjoy this little spoiler, and note, that this is all just temporary for the development, and will be much more pretty and fleshed out later!  One of the bugs as fixed as soon as I took the screenshot and thus noticed it (current hp going over max hp).  That was due to my calculation for my regen being “If current hp + 10 is less than or equal to max hp, then add 1/10 of max hp to current hp”  I forgot to change the +10 when I changed it to one tenth.


To sum up the changes:  I have revamped the inventory system to be prettier, and more scalable.  I know you can’t really tell from the screenshot, but it will be!

If it’s not found out, a lie becomes the truth – Rowd (Suikoden II)

Finally got the inventory UI in!

I finally got the inventory UI in, and it looks pretty good!   I’ve still got some customization to do, like fixing the name going off the screen, scaling it to have more than 5 of each type.  I also added a health bar that works.  I’m not satisfied with it yet, but I have to do more work to get the actual health text to appear on the bar.  I’ll also have to do a bit of work to get it to not look so…boxy.

All in all, it’s been a great day for progress!  You can see the first screenshot of this game below, but take note that it is not the final product, it is merely in a “working” state.



There’s no use crying over every mistake, you just keep on trying until you run out of cake. – GLADoS (Portal)

Health bar (sort of)

i didn’t make a terribly large amount of progress over the weekend.  I added a health indicator, I made the inventory code a bit more efficient, I added a win message for killing all enemies in the level.  Not very much actual new stuff due to it being the weekend, and having to work on art assets still(did I mention I hate art assets?).  I have also started implementing raw stats like in your typical RPG; Strength, Vitality, Agility, etc.   Currently they work into damage / defense formulations, and you gain 3(may be changed later) attribute points to allot to any of these stats every level.

I look forward to providing everyone with a decent update soon!

Wishes can come true. But not if you just wait for miracles. Miracles are things we make for ourselves. Here, and now. – Vanille (Final Fantasy XIII)