Hello everyone, it’s been a while.


To start off, I want to apologize for how sporadic, and incomplete this series has been.  I kept losing the drive to do the projects.  I have however found a new reason to do projects, and I hope that this time it sticks.  I will be revamping the blog to reflect this change shortly, and I look forward to working on some games again!


Edit:  As you can see from the name change and such, I am initiating the changes now.  I am not giving myself any timeline this time, since I’m absolutely horrible about keeping up with the timeline which makes me feel bad.  I hope you’re all excited for the new direction the blog will be taking.


A bit of insight into me, and why I chose a pre-existing engine

So, I’m going to come right out and say it;  I am horrible at math.  I can do everything up until high-school math, but that stuff just completely overwhelmed me.  As soon as the alphabet started intruding on my numbers, I was lost.

I knew that making your own game engine involved a lot of advanced math, so that was obviously out of the question.  There was another reason though; I wanted to see my project come to fruition.   I have seen many game developers who are making their own engine, and 5 or more years later their game isn’t finished, or it’s so all over the place because they kept changing the design of it over the 5 years that it’s just not what they envisioned.

So I strayed away from programming my own engine, and used a pre-existing one.  I love it, it’s so convenient, and I can see even day 1 programming coming into effect in a realistic, game releated scenario.

I plan to start another project soon, I had given up on my last one due to lack of art skills, and the fact that I was horrible at AI programming.  Look forward to seeing it within the month.


Edit:  Sorry for the delay on the new project, I’ve ran into some things that needed handled in my life, and they’re just now (as of January) getting handled.

It’s been a few days, and there have been a few updates.

Sorry about the delay in posts, I have been visiting family for the last 3 days or so, today was the first day in quite a while I’ve gotten to work on my project.  However, there is some good news:


I added some rudimentary skills (one per weapon type).  I also added a stamina system, which depletes when sprinting, regenerates when not sprinting, and is used by attacks.  The attacks use more and more stamina with each successive swing, so after a while it is truly not worth swinging away, and you should just wait a moment so the stamina cost is reset.


I posted a collaboration post about the project, and hope to hear from some people who can take over the art, and possibly AI side of things, so I can focus more on the things that I am good at.

A preview of my (Horrible) art

Well, I said I’d be working on AI or art today, and after fooling with AI for about an hour, I decided I’d rather work on art.  Below is a sneak preview of my amazing art skills, it’s not finished, and definitely will be changed, even as the placeholder.  I figured I’d make a dagger because it’s nice a simple, and I still suck at Blender.  Enjoy!



Detail work has begun!

With most of the major systems working in an acceptable manner, I have now begun adding features to them, to make them more like what I want.  Today I have started adding more weapon types than just Sword, tomorrow I will make many skills that you can use, and after that, I’ll probably either work on art assets, or making the AI work better!

Once more weapons are in, and the weapon skill system is as I like it, I’ll probably post another screenshot!


All the feelings I have carved deep into “The World” are going into this ONE ATTACK!! – Haseo (.Hack//G.U)

Update on progress

I have been working my butt off trying to get this AI working right.  I have it implemented, and it’s semi-functional.  I have also started trying to work with Blender, because I will have no one to help me with art assets.  After using Blender for the last two days,  I really have to wonder why they don’t make modeling programs more user-friendly.  I spent the entire first day just learning how to create a basic box, texture it, and export it into Unity properly.  At least I can make very very basic art assets for my game now, so that makes it easier to do level design and such.

An update on the UI end.

Once again, not much has been done.  Honestly, I’ve been enjoying actually playing some games for the last few days, but, I do have some progress to report.  The first is, I finally made it so that the inventory can hold as much as you want.  No more 8th item being cut off.  Secondly I added consumable item functionality, for things like potions.  Now that most of the base systems are in, I may work on AI systems next.

A screenshot, although it looks mostly the same, notice the scrollbar!